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This is to declare that CMG,G ow. Coltegef or Women,B hodia Khera,F atehabada dheres
to the provisions of Statutory Regulatory Authorities (SRA- like UGC, AICTE, MCI, DCI,
INC, AYUSH, PCI, RCI, BCI, and others) as applicable to the institution, and also
undertakest o adheret o changesi,f any,f rom time to time.
Furthert hisi s to declarea ndu ndertaketh at:
A. The institution has valid approval / University affiliation for all the programme
offered by the institution.
B. The institution has obtainedn ecessarya pproval / permission/ recognitionf rom
appropriate SRA as under law and is valid / applied for renewal as applicable,
C. The information/ responsesp rovidedi n IIQAo nlinea re genuinea nd valid.
D, At the time of submissiono f IIQA,i t is certifiedt hat the institutioni s not debarredo f
made ineligible for further renewal of affiliation /recognition etc., by any competent
authority / court of Law.
E. The studentsw ho haveg raduatedf rom this Institutionh aveb eeni ssuedd egree/ PG
certificatef rom the legallyd esignateda uthorities.
F. No Government body has declared the institution as an illegal entity.
G. The institution undertakes to inform NAAC of any changes in the status indicated
during / after submission of IIQA & thereof i.e., till the validation of the accreditation
status bestowed upon them.
H, The IIQA has been prepared & submitted online from within the institution with an
IP addresst t7 .240.t52.L29o f computerb elongingt o the Institution,
I. Acceptanceo f IIQAb y NAACi s only provisionala nd the onuso f adheringt o eligibitity
norms lies with the Institution
In casei nformationp rovidedi s foundt o be contraryt o the fact,i t shallr esulti n
cancellationo f NAACg rading,a longw ith initiationo f legala ction.I t w.illb e th,et otal
BhodiaK hera,F atehabad
Namea nd Signaturew ith sealo f
of the Head of the Institution.
Note: The above declaration will be displayed in the website of Institution from the date ol
submissiono f IIOAt ill the accreditationb v NAACis valid.
Govt Co[egeforWorun

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